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Questions, questions, we have so many questions.......

Have a look below at some of our most commonly asked questions, feel free to call or pop us a line if you have any others


What is your style of wedding photography and will it suit us?

My style is to capture all the details and moments that make your complete day. From the morning we are capturing it all to preserve your memories - wedding rings, dresses, and all things special to your individual day, I will be there on hand to document the fun and emotional times in between. From the recording of your ceremony to the bridal photographs I like my clients to feel comfortable, enjoy the moment and capture some fun, laughs and romance along the way.

We have heard stories of people losing wedding photo's, will that happen with you and us?

Absolutely every precaution is taken under the sun to ensure nothing untoward happens with any of our clients photographs while in our care, we know you put so much of your trust in us, We use the latest camera equipment that will hold your images to two different memory holding devices as well as separate camera bodies and lenses for back up. After your wedding your images are backed up multiple times overnight.

We are not too sure of times needed for our photography and bridal photographs, can you assist us?

Yes, absolutely. In fact when you are making plans for your day it is a really good idea to have a chat to us really early in the game. Kathy will talk to you regarding the time of your ceremony and other events happening throughout the day and how your photography will best fit for your timeline planned.

Do you mind if others bring cameras to our wedding, why do many now request no social media also?

We have no problem at all with others having their cameras and phones available for taking photos at your ceremony, it is totally up to you. It is more common that not our couples do choose to request no photography during the ceremony and no social media postings by guests following their wedding day. You, yourselves can be the ones to share the first photographs and have them be the professional ones you wish to be showing. As your photographers we will provide you with a couple of sneak peaks in the first 72 hours following your wedding for you all to enjoy.

Do you have wedding albums and other products to purchase later on?

Yes, but you are not obliged to order albums or any items if you do not wish. Many choose to have their images made into a beautiful album right away so they can appreciate them from day one, to look at and to show others. It is simply your choice and if you decide you would like an album please feel free to have a chat about it.

What is the best time for our bridal photos?

It is best if possible to avoid mid day and early afternoon for your creative bridal photo's. After 3pm "ish" in summer the light will be very nice for photographing,  the sun has moved down and is not directly over you and eliminating many harsher shadows we get at these times. Photographers often refer to "golden hour", that is the last hour before sunset and is just beautiful and gorgeous light if that will fit in well for your bridal photographs.

We, he or I are not confident at having our photo taken or posing, what will happen?

You can feel very relaxed, there is no pressure whatsoever to feel you need to know what to do, how to stand or how to look in anyway. Just remember most couples are in exactly the same boat. Getting married is not something many of us have ever done. My style is very relaxed. We will capture you being yourselves, having a laugh and all those times in between. I will be there to guide you, it is my job and you can totally enjoy just being you and some time together having your images captured.

How much do you charge for travel?

Have a quick chat with Kathy, you will find that our travel is charged very reasonably to cover costs if out of our coverage area in the Bay of Islands.

How do we book? 

We have aimed to make it as possible easy as we can for you. First you need to contact us and check we have your date free. All our wedding agreements are completed digitally online now and you can do this quickly and easily from your home or office. We take an $800 booking fee, and alongside the completed wedding services agreement you are all booked in ready to go. The booking fee is deducted from your final payment of your wedding package. All couples are required to have an agreement for us to perform photography services on your day and to allow us to photograph your wedding.

Please note, all bookings are strictly taken on a first in, first served basis, some times of the year are very busy for our wedding season and unfortunately we can not hold dates until you are completely booked in with us.

Any other questions, anytime, please do not hesitate to call or pop an email through to us. Happy wedding planning :-) Kathy