Hi Jess,

I understand, it is really nice to be able to visualise a normally empty venue all made up and I am very happy to show you some past images at a wedding we photographed there - pre guests arrival inside. These images I took inside the same hall.  It is lovely indeed and I would highly recommend booking there, you do need to have your own caterers, they do not provide that service, but there is a good size kitchen there right on venue for caterers to come in very easily. Your own decor will vary to your style but most will have a more rustic look, just by the style of the hall.. This suited the venue and looked really beautiful. I popped one in of the cake we talked about also from the same baker - the legend bride! It also fits well with their decor and tasted a-maze-ing!, no point just looking good right !


Anyway hope that helps some,  Kathy :-)

Also just popped a photo of that colour you were looking at for dresses, it is quite nice, it may not be exact, but a very similar colour anyway and the flowers with the string tie up, I took those at a different wedding from the above but just to give you an idea anyway. Cheers Jess and no problem asking at all so please don't worry. The vendors often carry their own photos also, but happy to help anytime if I can, just ask. I am very much looking forward to photographing your wedding day for you, will be lovely indeed. Have a fab day :-) Kathy