Northland PSNZ

This year Bay of Islands Photography did it and took out first for the Northland PSNZ. I am so proud to be part of this group, they are a really great bunch with some awesome talent. The best part for me is the relationships I have made while doing something I love and seeing the different styles come together, we are all unique. Our president John Stockley has worked so hard to encourage all the crew to get out there and learn new skills and have fun.

A couple of my loved images below I thought I would share with you from our team :-)

Above - First Place Winner - Night photography - Artist © Chris Pegman

Above - First Place Winner - Night photography - Artist © Chris Pegman

Above - Image One © Cornelia Luethi - Image Two © Kathy Elliston

Above - Image One © Cornelia Luethi - Image Two © Kathy Elliston

Above - Image One © John Stockley - Image Two © Penelope Spencer - Image Three © Barbara Stewart

Above - Image One © John Stockley - Image Two © Penelope Spencer - Image Three © Barbara Stewart

Above - First Place Winner - Impressionism - Artist - © Judy Klaus

Above - First Place Winner - Impressionism - Artist - © Judy Klaus

Above - Image One © Stephanie Young - Image Two © Doug Dysart - Image Three © Coral Moller

Above - Image One © Stephanie Young - Image Two © Doug Dysart - Image Three © Coral Moller

Above - © Rebecca Potter

Above - © Rebecca Potter

Jaffas Dressing Rooms

Meeting Nalinee is a true breath of fresh air. She is one of those feel good people, full of inspiration, and passion oozes into her store. If you have not met Nalinee yet or had a chance to pop into Jaffas Dressing Rooms in Kerikeri I say pop on in. Whether you are browsing or looking for a gift, there is a bit of everything there. A calibrative effort from so many local talents and wondrerful old and new friends to Nalinee, you will find a bit of everything.

kerikeri northland photographer bay of islands

There is loved and new and gorgeous textures everywhere!!

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kerikeri family photographer bay of islands

Hello Sailor

It's not everyday you photograph kiwi legend musician's and it certainly was my pleasure to be photographer for Harry Lyon, original band member of Hello Sailor. 

Hello Sailor are well known for kiwi classics such as Blue Lady, Gutter Black and Lyin' in the Sand.

Harry and his gorgeous wife Maggie joined my son Java and I afterwards at the beach for a relaxing stroll while Java droned it at a beautiful Bay of Islands beach. #beautifulbayofislands #weliveinparadise #kathyellistonphotography #kathyellistonphotographyfamily #hellosailor #harrylyon #graemaebrazier #davemcartney #tonylumsden #gordonjoll #stuartpearce #kiwimusic #kiwiband #northlandphtoographer #bayofislands 

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Hitting Christchurch

Wedding Photography Hang Out - Northland Wedding Photographer hits Christchurch

northland wedding kerikeri paihia russell

A winter wedding workshop in Christchurch with some of the most talented wedding photographers around N.Z was only goodness for the soul. Sarah and Tegan, you certainly put it on for everyone along with the incredible speakers you organised, accommodation and fantastic food - oh and ever so important tequila.

northland wedding paihia wedding bay of islands

The boys - found near cliff edges doing stuff!

northland wedding
northland wedding kerikeri wedding
northland wedding paihia russell kerikeri

Wedding Chatter

Hello :-)........ Today I was looking though some wedding albums from the last few months. To all the beautiful brides and handsome grooms that allowed me to be part of your day in Kerikeri and throughout Northland, thank you very much. It has really been an honour and an absolute privilege to be there with you.

There are so many important details that contribute to your day and we just love to photograph them all, tequila and lime shots included :-)

Holding on to the memories of one of the most epic days in your entire life!!!

The end of Winter

Kathy Elliston Photography - Wedding and Family Photographer, Bay of Islands, Northland


So many of us think we will get our family documented in Summer! While there are beautiful summer evenings, Spring Autumn and Winter are absolutely gorgeous too and can also add so much to your family's photographs. New blossoms, the beautiful natural tones of winter and those magic Autumn leaves are all so scrummy to have your photographs surrounded by. Next time you are due for your family photographs, have a think about some of the lovely surroundings that can enhance your family photos all year round. There are many perks to off peak season photographs also, many photographers like myself who are incredibly busy in the wedding season will be able to offer a range of sessions at other times of the year also to fit around your schedule. Often I hear of clients who have been so happy they have had their family documented well prior to Christmas as now they are giving beautiful prints to family members at Christmas time. What really more could Grandparents wish for EVER!

Meet Amy, Vern and their two beautiful boys, recently we hit the road and photographed their family running, laughing in the trees and at the beach.

Boys and water, it could only end like this as we left!

kerikeri photographer northland

Kathy Elliston Photography, based in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Northland. Specialising in wedding and family photography

Contact us for enquiries and bookings for your Family photographs and Wedding booking

Loving Local

As we all know there is so much fantastic local talent and great new things happening here in the Bay of Islands and I thought I would from time to time fill you in what is new and pretty darn cool.

Recently while at a local Kerikeri wedding the all so ever lovely bride gifted to each of her bridesmaids a kauri necklace and bracelet each. They were a little bit different, handcrafted and absolutely beautifully made. I asked her about them and yes they are indeed from just down the road, I could almost throw a ball to their house. Love finding incredibly cool local talent to keep on my watchlist. You can see more here on their website here

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Community - Arohanui Early Childhood Learning Centre

What's going on in our community


Last week I spent some time at Arohanui, here in Kerikeri. This is not new to me for there are many child whispering legends there that have seen all three of my children go through both their centres. Both Harinui for our littlest friends, and Arohanui for the real big wigs, give the children so much opportunity, a sense of belonging and a wonderful extended family environment while there.

Some things that always impress me at Arohanui are the amazing works of art, the natural play environment and the totally fabulous staff that put everything into place for our children.

Thanks for having me Arohanui, thank you for all you have done for my family, and I am forever grateful to all xx Kathy



In the gardens at Arohanui you will find native, beautiful and good for the soul !

kerikeri family photographer


As well as the wonderful set up indoors there are outdoor activities everywhere, water play, bridges you name it. A few pics below of the gardens and Ngaherenui. Ngaherenui is large and a very often utilised area to the back of both the centres. In that area, there is much room for free play, games, family gatherings and an all important flying fox. It's a space that gives both centres time for different opportunities and activities. Fiona - owner, put much thought and time into developing Ngaherenui to see how it could be utilised the very best and it has really paid off - A great space!

kerikeri family photographer, arohanui childcare

What's New - Post One

First posting in What's New......soooo what is new this week. School holidays are here and unlike the last school holidays there is a little bit of time for me, eeeeek, exciting!

Last holidays were part of the busy wedding season, and while I had a most incredible and enjoyable season, the mum guilt did set in majorly as the holidays neared their end.

This week allowed for a wee walk in the park with two girls very special to my heart. My camera of course was on hand it was nice to capture "them being them", just their beautiful raw selves.

So what has this week brought to the table. I will be including these style of family sessions going forward and am 100% passionate about them. To photograph your family, laughing and carrying on as family does in the moment is what it is all about. These memories are so precious to have, and time travels faster than we like!

A quick snippet below of my gorgeous girls (ok, well they are not mine, I just want them to be mine a little bit). Enjoy your school holidays. Post number one signing out :-)