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Last week I spent some time at Arohanui, here in Kerikeri. This is not new to me for there are many child whispering legends there that have seen all three of my children go through both their centres. Both Harinui for our littlest friends, and Arohanui for the real big wigs, give the children so much opportunity, a sense of belonging and a wonderful extended family environment while there.

Some things that always impress me at Arohanui are the amazing works of art, the natural play environment and the totally fabulous staff that put everything into place for our children.

Thanks for having me Arohanui, thank you for all you have done for my family, and I am forever grateful to all xx Kathy



In the gardens at Arohanui you will find native, beautiful and good for the soul !

kerikeri family photographer


As well as the wonderful set up indoors there are outdoor activities everywhere, water play, bridges you name it. A few pics below of the gardens and Ngaherenui. Ngaherenui is large and a very often utilised area to the back of both the centres. In that area, there is much room for free play, games, family gatherings and an all important flying fox. It's a space that gives both centres time for different opportunities and activities. Fiona - owner, put much thought and time into developing Ngaherenui to see how it could be utilised the very best and it has really paid off - A great space!

kerikeri family photographer, arohanui childcare