What's New - Post One

First posting in What's New......soooo what is new this week. School holidays are here and unlike the last school holidays there is a little bit of time for me, eeeeek, exciting!

Last holidays were part of the busy wedding season, and while I had a most incredible and enjoyable season, the mum guilt did set in majorly as the holidays neared their end.

This week allowed for a wee walk in the park with two girls very special to my heart. My camera of course was on hand it was nice to capture "them being them", just their beautiful raw selves.

So what has this week brought to the table. I will be including these style of family sessions going forward and am 100% passionate about them. To photograph your family, laughing and carrying on as family does in the moment is what it is all about. These memories are so precious to have, and time travels faster than we like!

A quick snippet below of my gorgeous girls (ok, well they are not mine, I just want them to be mine a little bit). Enjoy your school holidays. Post number one signing out :-)