Jaffas Dressing Rooms

Meeting Nalinee is a true breath of fresh air. She is one of those feel good people, full of inspiration, and passion oozes into her store. If you have not met Nalinee yet or had a chance to pop into Jaffas Dressing Rooms in Kerikeri I say pop on in. Whether you are browsing or looking for a gift, there is a bit of everything there. A calibrative effort from so many local talents and wondrerful old and new friends to Nalinee, you will find a bit of everything.

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There is loved and new and gorgeous textures everywhere!!

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Hello Sailor

It's not everyday you photograph kiwi legend musician's and it certainly was my pleasure to be photographer for Harry Lyon, original band member of Hello Sailor. 

Hello Sailor are well known for kiwi classics such as Blue Lady, Gutter Black and Lyin' in the Sand.

Harry and his gorgeous wife Maggie joined my son Java and I afterwards at the beach for a relaxing stroll while Java droned it at a beautiful Bay of Islands beach. #beautifulbayofislands #weliveinparadise #kathyellistonphotography #kathyellistonphotographyfamily #hellosailor #harrylyon #graemaebrazier #davemcartney #tonylumsden #gordonjoll #stuartpearce #kiwimusic #kiwiband #northlandphtoographer #bayofislands 

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Hitting Christchurch

Wedding Photography Hang Out - Northland Wedding Photographer hits Christchurch

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A winter wedding workshop in Christchurch with some of the most talented wedding photographers around N.Z was only goodness for the soul. Sarah and Tegan, you certainly put it on for everyone along with the incredible speakers you organised, accommodation and fantastic food - oh and ever so important tequila.

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The boys - found near cliff edges doing stuff!

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